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Your Durga,My Puja

♦ Category: Poetry

♦ A thought about upcoming festival…our own Puja ..

♠ So much I make u cry,won’t I lie,even I don’t know why!Don’t,don’t!forgive mistakes my


♦So much I make u cry!

Don’t I!

won’t I lie!

even I don’t know why!

Don’t ,don’t..don’t forgive all the mistakes my…..

    Come on Kerala


♦To be with all those Keralaian friends ,may not financially or physically,but psychologically….



♦Rain you are not a priority,

See a blood-moon,so hot and pretty…..


♦ Category:Poetry

♦When a vacation becomes seems-to-be-boring….

             A Blacked-Out Afternoon Reddded With Realism


♦Still trying to shave a taste of life out of a blacked-out day…

                              When Pun is Fun


♦Conversation of two friends drenched with humour…..

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